My (very basic) Twitter Strategy for 2015

Jordan Brittley's 2015 Twitter Strategy My sisters and I were on a road trip to Alabama because I was shooting a wedding and they wanted to see Dauphin Island. They tweeted (because they know how) and as I scroll back through our road trip hashtag, it brings about so many memories. Like the time that I drove for 12 hours straight and couldn’t think straight (click here to see the tweet). Or the time I told them they weren’t eating! And that time I confessed that I didn’t understand “The Twitter.”

They taught me how to reply and when to retweet. They taught me the twitter etiquette. Or something along those lines (insert smiley face).

After 8 solid months of using that little star button and wondering why people love this social media tool so much, it’s time to dive in. I’m excited to start using it in a way that involves more than simply clicking the twitter button on Instagram. So whether it’s just as foreign to you or you just need a good laugh, I think these steps are going to really help me grow my business on “The Twitter”.

CHECK TWITTER EVERY OTHER DAY Or more. But at least every other day!

POST TO TWITTER 1-2 TIMES PER WEEK And from a source that is NOT instagram!

REPLY TO TWEETS I know, I know, this is probably a piece of cake for most of you! I had to ask my sisters how to reply and when to retweet instead of reply. I want this to be a tool that people can use to start a conversation with me!

FOLLOW SOME PEOPLE I think I am currently following 8 people. Because I am not on there, I have never connected with people through twitter and it’s time for some twitter networking!

CREATE SOME KIND OF COMMUNITY ON TWITTER THROUGH #ASKJORDANBRITTLEY - We have a facebook group, friends! You can click HERE and then request to join if you want to chat with other business owners who follow the blog! I want to move this onto twitter as well, so follow me HERE and just tag your business questions with #askjordanbrittley!

START CONVERSATION Let’s talk about our favorite film labs, what we want to accomplish this week and what we are learning. #jordanbrittleychat. This is what we shall call it! I'm JUST posted a question (HERE)! Just reply and use the #jordanbrittleychat hashtag so we can all see your tweet!

And since I want to continue to share what I know in a way that benefits you, holler at me on Twitter or Instagram (tagging me) and use the following hashtag: #askjordanbrittley. You can also connect with me through the #ASKJORDANBRITTLEY Facebook group! Let’s build a little community!

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