My Simple Approach to Booking a Client

I remember the first wedding that I ever booked. I had a gallery of my work pulled up and I was ready for all the questions. I had a contract ready and I knew how to take a check. Done. I was so ready for this whole running a business thing. Or so I thought. When I started booking multiple weddings, I realized that I didn't know how to stay organized. I quickly realized that I was going to need a system for booking clients that was simple and easy to maintain. I have made tweaks here and there and finally have a system that works great for me right now! Today I am sharing my simple approach to booking a client!

My Simple Approach to Booking a Client - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Email Template

Email templates are helpful when trying to manage an inbox. Once I receive an inquiry from a bride, I can pull up the email template, insert her name, wedding date, and answer any questions she might have. This keeps things simple on my end and allows me to respond to her in a timely fashion!

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Link to Pricing Guide

I always link to my pricing guide in my email template. There are a lot of reasons to create a pricing guide (here are 3) and it's actually pretty easy to do (here is how)! Pricing guides are a great way to reinforce your brand to the inquirer and pull them into the heart of your business. You can see my pricing guide in the shop.

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Create Contract + Invoice

Contracts, contracts. I have never met a creative who loved creating contracts and I am no different. There are several ways that you can take care of contracts and invoices (like shootQ) but I prefer to handle things in Google Docs. I have a template created for my contract and invoice in google drive.

This allows me to handle contracts and invoices while I am traveling so I can still book clients as long as I have access to internet. I export the files as pdfs and email them to my client as attachments. This has helped me to streamline my booking process and save me a lot of time.

Accept Retainer

In order to book, I ask for 50% of the package as a retainer. Side note: retainers are non-refundable and deposits are refundable. Keep that in mind when you are wiring to your client. I accept credit cards (through square) or checks. I ask the client what their preferred method of payment is and send them an invoice with instructions for how to finalize the payment.