My last day of maternity leave with Daniel!

Maternity Leave - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Today is the last day of my maternity leave with our Daniel Hosea! I love the memories that we have made together and the intentional time to just be a momma. I have learned so many things during these last two months! Probably the most important thing - the thing that has truly freed me - is that I do not have to create a life for Daniel and Isaac. I just get to live it with them!

My days have been full of trying to convince Daniel to sleep in and chasing him through the house. He is pulling up on everything, has 6 teeth (with more on the way), and is fiercely joyful. His joy seems to be spilling over into my own life! I give myself more grace, give others more love, and give way more kisses that I used to give. And that? Oh, that's good stuff right there.

Maternity Leave - The Jordan Brittley Blog_0002
Maternity Leave - The Jordan Brittley Blog

I'm so thankful for Daniel's aunts and uncles - Aaron & Brittany, Jaelyn and David, Jenna, and Jianna (and all our friends that we call Aunts and Uncles)! They pour into Daniel's life and it blesses my heart to watch him learn from them! And the love that his grandparents have for him brings me to tears at times. Watching our little love be so loved is one of my very favorite things.

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Being a mom has forced me into a new way of life. It's a life that demands what the world may deem "imperfect." It looks like toys all over the floor, going the whole day without looking in the mirror, wearing drool instead of a scarf, and gathering dog hair on my leggings as I crawl after my son in a game of hide and seek. Being a mom has forced me to decide what is important instead of thinking that everything is important.

Watching Daniel learn to crawl is important. Reading my business books aloud while he sits in my lap and looks at his own book is important. Stretching my neck out and walking like a penguin to resemble a giraffe is important. I have learned that there doesn't need to be such a severe tension between being a mom and being me.

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I thought that going back to work would be so hard. I thought that I would feel torn between motherhood and running a business. But God is so good to meet us where we are, comfort us, and free us to run wild! That's exactly what He has done for me. There is no longer a tension between the two and for the first time I feel like I can embrace both callings with pure joy and freedom! Oh, I could scream those words because that's exactly what Jesus has brought to me - joy and freedom!!

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This boy will throw a ball to the other side of the room just so he can chase it!

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"Three more, mom. I want three more just like this one."

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I am excited to do this good work - being a momma and running a business. And surely it is good, good work since Jesus has called me to it and He is so good. Friends, whatever is binding and suffocating you, be free of it! I assure you that He will meet you in every struggle, trial, and sleep deprived night! If there is something that you need prayer for, please email me (jordan [at] I would be happy and honored to pray for you. You are not alone!

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Helping dad make coffee with seriously cute shoes!

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I spent some time decorating during my leave and it was so refreshing! Daniel and I spent the day picking out frames and wall decor during December. That was the day someone helped me carry bags to my car. And it was also the day that I could be heard exclaiming "Oh my, Daniel. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Ohhhhhhh!" after a pretty serious blow out.

And do you see that?! Our little guy has figured out how to remove the wall plugs! He takes off crawling once he realizes that I have spotted him and wants me to chase him down the hall. Belly laughs and baby squeals follow. ;)

Maternity Leave - The Jordan Brittley Blog_0017

These moccasins paired with every sweater in his closet and my heart melts. And those shoes in the top left corner? My husband is lovingly doing the dishes for me. We went to the zoo later this day but never made it inside. Lesson learned: Blow outs can happen anywhere. Also, pack 2 extra sets of clothes. Sometimes they happen more than once.

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I am going to be taking 6-7 weeks of vacation this year! I have never blocked off my calendar and I'm making this permanent change to my business. I have learned through taking this maternity leave that my business can work while I rest if I teach it how. There's a whole post on how to take vacation right here!

If you ever find yourself feeling like you can't take time off, let me be proof that you can! I have booked weddings, grown my social media accounts, and doubled my newsletter subscriptions all while kissing these sweet cheeks!

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Can I just note how adorable he is in onesies and sweat pants? And his socks even match! It must have been random because I have given up on matching socks. I will just pretend like we are going with the trends...

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And this photo right here just gets me. I took this on one of the first days when he started pulling himself up on me. He loves to crawl over to me so that I will scoop him up and kiss his sweet little self. Oh my heart.

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Yay! It's been such a good time with my boy! Here's what you can expect from me!

Blogging Schedule

After surveying all of you, I found that you want me to post less than 5 times a week! I am so excited to dive back into blogging and eager to go deeper into the content! I will be posting 2-3 times each week!! I'm also sharing a lot of photography and business tips on Instagram!


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I have a lot of dreams for 2016 and it looks entirely different than I thought it would! More on that later, but for now you should know that I am so excited to pour into you and serve you this year!