my hometown, just walking around

el rodeo light fixture photography by jordan brittleyel rodeo bolivar mo and basil from farmers market - photography by jordan brittleybehrs dry cleaning bolivar mo photography by jordan brittleycourthouse and blooming flower - photography by jordan brittleyclouds and peppers from the garden - photography by jordan brittleycarrots from the farmers market - photography by jordan brittleybraided hair and farm - photography by jordan brittleycountry hearth & tea garden cafe - photography by jordan brittley The birds and the crickets take their turn singing a chorus each day as the sun appears and is gone again. The town is busy until work hours are over and shops close promptly at 5pm, sometimes 30 til. Doors close on the north side of the walmart aroudn 10 because employee cars are the majority in the lot. There is a taco truck that parks off the main road through town and typically has a line of 20. Sheri's Shaved Ice is a popular place for summer sweets.

This is summer in my hometown.

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