My biggest business mistake in 2015 and what you can learn from it

At the beginning of 2015 I made a decision to drastically cut back on sharing my personal life in my business. I wanted to grow my business and I wanted to grow it quickly and I assumed that people didn't want to hear about my life. The interesting thing is that I had studied my blog and social media analytics and personal stories performed 45% better than professional work. My biggest business mistake and what you can learn from it - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Even though my business still grew this year, I know that I made a huge mistake by cutting back on sharing my personal life.

I read a post on a blog that I love and the author had outlined numerous reasons that you should keep your personal life out of your business. I have learned that this decision is going to look different for each business. So before you read the rest of this post, go read this post and decide for yourself about your own business.

I think it's interesting how every single one of my clients connect with me personally. On the way back to the car at my 1:1 workshop, Sara (a JB bride) told me that she really looked forward to posts about Daniel on the blog. Andrea gave me her favorite tea before her engagement session because she had read that I loved it on my blog. Becca mentioned my home decor at her engagement session. Nicole and her entire family congratulated me on being pregnant as soon as I walked in the door on her wedding day!

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The list goes on and on. I made the decision to start sharing about my personal life and it's probably my best decision of 2015! If sharing your personal life is right for your business, let your personality shine! Don't make the similar mistake of trying to "sound professional" (like I did) because you can be professional while people get to know you! Happy Friday, friends!

Have you reflected on where your business is? Are there things you need to change to make room for growth? 

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