Motivation: Go ahead and grab the broom.

For the past week I have stared at the dirt in the entryway of our home. I don't mean that dust has been collecting or it was getting dirty. I mean I came in one afternoon in my rain boots and left a pile of mud that dried. And I didn't clean it up. All week. Until today.

Today I grabbed the broom and swept it out the doors with such happiness. In fact, this new clean space inspired me to clean the entire downstairs. Something I have been meaning to do for a couple of days now. It has actually needed cleaning for a couple of weeks, but that's not something I should probably tell the internet. Let's keep that between us.

Let me tell you something else. It was exhausting to stare at that pile of dirt all week. And I am thankful to have it cleaned up. So whatever it is that you need to do, go and do it. Don't stare at the pile of dirt anymore. It just doesn't need that kind of time from you.

chandelier by jordan brittley

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