Morning routines with my one-year-old Daniel

Mornings with Daniel? Just thinking about them makes me turn into a pile of mush. If Isaac hasn't headed to work when Daniel wakes up, he changes his diaper and brings him to me. I cuddle Daniel for a good, long while - as long as he will allow! And then he is running off at lightening speed to get into anything and everything!

While Daniel pulls out every toy and starts experimenting with different objects, I cook breakfast for us. I love making an egg scramble with veggies, coconut oil, and garlic pepper parmesan seasoning! Some mornings we just do greek yogurt and fruit (or whatever Daniel will eat)! Once I have made breakfast, I put it in a bowl and carry it to the couch. Daniel grabs his milk, I grab my water, and he sits on my lap while we eat together. It's one of my favorite traditions and I never want it to end!


After we eat, he goes back to reading and playing and I read a verse (and journal if I can)! I look over my schedule for the day, do a couple of house chores, and put on tennis shoes so we can go on a run! I always bring Daniel's drink and snack, and he typically brings his favorite monkey for the run!

I typically do a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes of walking/running, and a 5 minute cool down! Daniel dozes off about half way through and I turn up my music and keep going!


I love walking through our neighborhood and listening to all the sounds! And I love this sweet boy who is always so curious about what I'm doing!


Once we get home, I do a small leg/arm/ab workout - or just stretch - and get ready for the day! We have a baby gate so Daniel stays close while I take a shower. I always wonder how other Moms get ready during the day and this system is working really well for us right now!


Daniel has switched to one nap a day (minus the 10-15 minute stroller nap)! I went back and forth on this while trying to figure out if he was ready. He was still sleeping for 13-14 hours a night with 2, 2 hour naps for a while and I didn't want to cut back on his sleep if he still needed it!

Let me just say this: 3 hour naps are amazing and I'm so, so thankful God included this in the natural baby rhythm! After I'm ready for the day, I do another chore (load the washer/dryer, clean a sink, etc) and sit down to read to Daniel. He loves reading all of his "First Words" books. He loves pointing to an animal on the page and finding the stuffed animal that matches! 


We spend the rest of our morning talking about different animal sounds and playing hide & seek. I chase him, I make goofy faces at him, and I make up songs if it means I can get my sweet boy to laugh!

I love chasing him around the house and listening to him squeal when I get really close to him! If I ask him to smile, he squints his eyes and gives the sweetest grin! Melt my heart!


I love my morning with our Daniel! I used to roll out of bed and start work right away. Some of those bad habbits were gone before Daniel was born, but now they aren't even a possibility! It's rare if I get to my emails before 12:00 pm (when Daniel takes a nap).


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I'm loving this "slower" pace! It reminds me to do the things that actually matter in my business and I'm not chasing after #allthethings. I don't have to be everywhere on social media. I can just focus on taking care of my clients and serving others as I can! I love hearing about morning routines!

What's your favorite part of your morning? And yes, it's okay if you just love sleeping in!