Missouri Backyard Engagement: Jordan + Katlyn

She was working as an intern last summer when it happened. Her computer was having a little bit of a hiccup and it was time to turn it over to tech. Because it was a small company it would be safe to say that everybody knew everybody, but the busyness of the job didn't allow for much of a conversation. And then Jordan picked up the task of fixing Katlyn's computer. She wasn't sure what she thought of him at first and he wasn't quite sure either, but as minutes turned into hours and hours into days they began to think of each other more and more. Summer ended and they both returned to school hours away from each other. As they counted down the days until they would see each other again, they realized just how much they were loved. And after many long distance phone calls and texts full of smilies, they decided to share with the world just how much they love each other. And world, it's a lot.

Katlyn, you are stunning.
beautiful beautiful.
so so sooooooo sweet :)
I will end on this sweet note.
To see more of Jordan and Katlyn's backyard engagement session, feel free to click HERE for a slideshow!