Mint: Setting Goals and Moving Forward

I love to be organized. Somehow it just seems like my mind is available to run at a higher capacity if everything is organized. Sadly, organization takes the back seat sometimes because, well, sometimes spending time with my husband is more important than making sure everything is in its place. I majored in math + computer science because I love how it makes me think. It feels like everything is where it needs to be in my brain and I love the satisfaction that comes with solving a problem that at first seemed difficult. I loooooove to think. Well, I am not entirely sure how I missed Mint, but I am so glad that I discovered it because it lets me organize and think about my finances in a different way. Basically, you just load all of your accounts into Mint and set a budget and goals. And I love goals. Saving for retirement, a house, or an upcoming trip just became a lot easier. And who doesn't love a good challenge?

If you're a bride, this would be a great way to break down your wedding budget and keep everything organized. You can even set reminders for paying vendors. Because really, who can keep track of when all of those last payments are due? Plus, you can start organizing your personal finances and see exactly where your money is going without keeping all of those receipts.

And if you are a photographer (or other small business owner), SAVE FOR RETIREMENT! It is so easy to put it off until the next year or forget entirely , but you are going to want to enjoy those grandkids and take a cruise every year when you turn that magical age. Save, save, save. You won't regret it later.

And for all of you nerds out there, Mint allows you to see the trends that you are building so you can evaluate your spending and figure out how to manage your money in the most effective way. It is so easy to use!

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