7 questions to ask each other on date night

My diamond ring sparkles as I type and I have to admit that it's a little distracting. :) Even after 7 years of wearing this beauty, I'm still not over the staring phase of wearing a diamond ring. A ring Isaac picked out for me after saving for years for a ring. From the time he was a little boy, he put aside his birthday money and everything he earned into a bank account for a ring.

And I get to wear that ring!

A couple months ago, I wanted to create joyful routines. I started scheduling our weeks so that we had something to look forward to - as simple as it may be - every night. On Mondays and Thursdays, we do date nights at home.


We put Daniel to bed, kick up our feet and maybe grab a late dinner to take to our couch. We moved the tv to the bedroom because I wanted our living room to feel more conversational, but on these nights we pull out a laptop and turn on a favorite show or a movie we've wanted to see. I know we both look forward to it because we find ourselves saying things like "Hey babe! What do you want to eat for dinner on date night?"

It's fun to have something to look forward to each week that is just built into our schedule! Now, we just need to build in a babysitter and a we-leave-the-house-and-eat-food-we-didn't-have-to-cook kind of date night. 

With a little one, we're always brainstorming new ways to connect and we try to be intentional about our time together. If we just let life happen, we'd kick on a tv show and never talk. Sometimes we're just exhausted! But building a date night into our routine and giving us something to look forward to together is so good for our relationship!

Here are 7 questions we'll be asking each other this week! With these kinds of questions, there are no hard and fast rules. You can pick a few that stand out to you and make it a weekly thing or just do it one time. Or you can let these questions inspire your own! 

7 questions to ask each other on date night

7 questions to ask each other on date night

1) What's something you're looking forward to this week/month/year?

2) What's the most important thing to you right now?

3) What surprised you this week?

4) What's one thing that didn't go the way you wanted this week?

5) What was the most joyful part of this week/month for you? What made it special?

6) What's one thing you love about our home? 

7) What's one thing about our home that you would change if you could?

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What about you? Are there any questions you would add to this list? What are some of your favorite date night traditions?