March goals in 2016

It's March and things are about to be blooming! We are ordering seeds for our garden and planting them this week. It makes me so excited to think about things blooming all over our little garden - and I do mean little! We have successfully planted a garden each year and successfully seen the weeds grow very, very tall. I'm looking forward to wandering outside with Daniel on warm summer mornings to pull up weeds and teach him how to garden. Who am I kidding? We will both be learning from youtube and Martha Stewart. But still! Doesn't that sound so nice?

For me it goes back to the "simple life" I feel called to live. Planting a garden and tending to it each day will teach me to endure. It will remind me that things grow with time. I want to slow down and anticipate small, but significant, growth. And I'm confident I can learn this lesson even if my gardening skills don't amount to much.

Tulips by Jordan Brittley (

March 2016 Goals

Send out 4 Newsletters - Each Monday I send out a Newsletter with fun tips and tricks for small business owners! Sign up here if you want to join our little club!

Record + release 1 YouTube video

Load social media on Buffer for April

Substitute prayer for worry - I have been doing this for the past couple months and am starting to see a shift! When I feel limited and restricted, I want to choose praying over worrying. I'm seeing God meet my needs when I do this (check out this verse)!

Load IG images for March in

Write content for the #jordanbrittleybride wedding guide

Complete my branding homework - I'm rebranding!! If you're a business owner and want to know how to give your website a quick update, click here!

Choose the recipes for our family cookbook - Did you know that I make up most of our recipes?! I can't wait to actually write our favorites down and photograph everything!

Write 15 devotionals for my brides

Plant seeds with Daniel and Isaac - Did you know that we have tried to garden the past two years? You should also know that it did not go well! This year we are scaling back a little and hopefully we will have a garden that isn't overtaken by weeds at the end!

Write 3-5 blog posts each week

Drink 60+ oz of water each day

Start my day in the Word - It is so easy for me to fall out of habit reading the Word! You have heard me talk about this before but I'm being serious. If one part of my morning runs behind then I mindlessly skip my noisy journal time. It just changes my entire perspective when I start my day with the Bible.

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