Make Your Digital Photos Look Like B&W Film

When brides comment on my photography, they normally use words like romantic, authentic, and soft. When photographers comment on my photography they use mostly one word: film. I love film for its rich colors and soft skin tones but digital still holds a place in my heart. When I first started shooting film, I thought I would have to give up digital entirely so that I could keep my galleries consistent. That was until I discovered that I could make my digital work look just like my film work.

Learning how to emulate the look of film on digital requires attention to the finest details and an understanding of how film photographs color and light. Today I want to share how I am editing my digital work to look like black and white film in two easy steps!

Black and White Film Preset from Jordan Brittley

1) Create a Virtual Copy of the Image in LR

Creating a virtual copy allows you to make changes to the image without altering the color edit. I like doing this so that I can give a color and black and white copy in the final gallery. To do this, simple right click (ctl + click on a mac) and select "Create Virtual Copy."

2) Apply this awesome preset

In case you missed my blog post last week, we are using presets for everything over here right now! You can even read about how to make your own presets! I am giving away one of my black and white film presets today in the shop! It's only available for free (with coupon code: MAKINITEASY) through the weekend, so go grab it and get to work!


3) See photos below!

Make Your Digital Photos Look Like B&W Film - The Jordan Brittley BlogMake Your Digital Photos Look Like B&W Film - The Jordan Brittley Blog


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