Lemonade & Lenses Article

Blue carpet with some sort of modern pattern underneath thin stripes of orange and red. That's what the Airport carpet in Richmond, Virginia looks like. It reminds me of a smoothy and some 1970s music mixed together. I am on my way back from filming and speaking at the east coast Delight Retreat  and I am so excited to see if Missouri is any greener, sleep in my own bed and see my husband. I will be talking about the retreat this week, so stay tuned. I actually styled our retreat dinner table with magnolia leaves, Dans L'eau's calligraphed place cards and mismatched plates. Search #delighteast14 on instagram and twitter to see a few photos. There is something that happens to me when I am styling. Whether it's the invitation suite, an instagram photo or an engagement session, I find myself dedicated to the task of something beautiful. And I love it. So I am so excited to share that I wrote an article about styling for the latest Lemonade and Lenses latest issue. If you want to purchase the magazine and read the full article, visit their website!

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