little baby henson


(Lettering by Dans L'eau)

I stood in the kitchen that smelled of whichever wonderful candle scent my mom was using that day. Isaac and I were dropping off the dogs so we could have a weekend getaway and we decided to stay and visit just for a bit. Jianna showed me her newest drawing and Jenna stood in the kitchen entry, beaming. It made my heart flutter to see my little sister so happy so I asked her. She just giggled and then I giggled and then we were just giggling even though I didn't know why.

I begged her to tell me but she couldn't stop giggling long enough to breathe a word. We sat on the couch and finally, finally she was able to blurt it out: "Are you pregnant?!" My heart didn't sink even though I knew the answer would disappoint the eager-to-be aunt. Maybe it was the sparkle in her eyes that filled my heart with an uncrushable joy. I told her that I wasn't and before I could finish, she giggled her way through a life-changing sentence: "Well, God told me to ask you if you were pregnant! And He said that you would be really soon!!!"

My heart soared because the Lord had met my sister and spoken to her and filled her with such joy. I had just accepted that it could be over a decade before the Lord fulfilled His promise to Isaac and me. I finished giggling with my sisters and we held onto each other and then Isaac and I were driving down the road towards the city and talking about what Jenna had said.

Even in the months leading up to that day in July, the Lord had made our hearts content. Even before Jenna told us what God told her, the Lord had given us patience. The Lord had reminded us that He had promised to give us children. We had seen visions and I had dreamed dreams of our little ones. He had spoken to us so clearly saying that He would give us children and I can't wait to tell you of those stories... the stories of promise. The stories of God meeting us in our great grief and filling us with hope.

Four days after I sat on the couch with my sisters and Jenna told me of what God had told her, I had a series of dreams. Dream after dream after dream. All night long I had dreams of the same little baby from my dreams in the summer of thirteen. The Lord stirred my heart with a love so great that I thought I would burst. And the next day, we found out that I was pregnant.

Friends, the Lord has answered our prayers and fulfilled His promise to us. There are no words to describe the joy that has come over the both of us. Or the love. Oh, the love that God has filled us with for the little one who grows inside me is great. I am looking forward to sharing this new journey with you. And I am looking forward to sharing the journey that brought us here.

To the friends and family who have held our hearts as we have longed for a child, thank you. Thank you for praying alongside us and just listening to our story. Thank you for believing that God could do such a great miracle in our lives because God had promised that he would. There is no way to describe our sincere love for you all: "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord's people." Philemon 1:7


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