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The Jordan Brittley Blog - Daniel Hosea
The Jordan Brittley Blog - Daniel Hosea

We are in DC!! I shot a wedding yesterday at Long Branch Plantation and it was so beautiful. From the porch you could see the mountains, horses, and a beautifully landscaped driveway. I didn't get to share every part of the day on Instagram but I did get to share a lot on Snapchat!

The app has grown up a lot in the last 18 months and people are starting to take notice. It's a great time for business owners to jump on board, share behind the scenes, and connect with their audience. You can post to the app several times a day without overwhelming your audience (not true for Instagram)!

How to get on snapchat

  1. Download the app
  2. Pick a username that will allow your friends to find you! I am jordanbrittley on all platforms!
  3. Take a photo or a video
  4. Share it to your story!

I love sharing my real life! At Daniel's birthday party this Saturday, my sister told me that she loves that I never created a brand that I have to keep up with! Whoa. Those words right there mean so much to me!

I never wanted to create a brand that wasn't true to me. I have a personal brand (what about you?) and it should be reflective of me! Did I go all out for Daniel's part with favors and styling? You bet I did! It brings me so much joy to see beautiful things and photograph them.

The Jordan Brittley Blog - Daniel Hosea
The Jordan Brittley Blog - Daniel Hosea

I love (I repeat: LOVE) sharing my life on Instagram! In fact, you should click right here and go follow me on Insta! But Instagram is for snippets of life and behind the scenes! If you want a personal look at your favorite brands, snapchat is where its at. It's projected to hit the #1 spot in social media by the end of 2016! It's time to get on snapchat and share your story!

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