Leaves, bare feet, and the AND sandwhich

We are trying this new thing where we simplify our goals and it feels like we are breathing again! At some point, it's easy for goals to start to feel like a long list of to-dos after you create your action steps. So instead of just saying "plant winter garden," we are saying "plant winter garden and make hot chocolate for Daniel." It makes it feel like we are just having fun and making memories.

Yeah, that's exactly how it feels! By adding a simple "and" to every goal, it's been simplifying our goals and putting the focus back on the memories. As part of this new shift in our goal-setting routine, we decided to take Daniel to the park in my hometown (Bolivar, Missouri) and let him paint a pumpkin! We'll call our new approach the And Sandwhich. :)

  Southern Missouri Outdoor Family Photos   |   Film Photography

I slipped him into the spare outfit from the diaper bag, took off his shoes, handed him his favorite hat and he was off. This boy could run non-stop for hours. And some days he does just that!

Bringing Earendil (one of our shelties) was a last-minute decision because she was waiting by the door while we were getting ready and basically begging to go! She's a sweet dog and plays so well with Daniel even though he is still learning he can't sit on her like a horse. Ha!

  Southern Missouri Outdoor Family Photos   |   Garden Photography

Photos like this remind me to slow down and soak in small moments. I'm learning that no moment is insignificant. Watching Isaac be a Dad makes me feel a little speechless. I knew that he would love our children. I knew that his love for them would be as wild and gentle and fierce as it is for me, but I had no idea what it would be like to watch Daniel love his Dad. Daniel asks about Isaac every time he wakes up if Isaac has already left for work. He runs to him, throwing his hands in the air, and begging to be held. He's working on how to say, "hold," which sounds a lot like "hole" and there's a giant head nod, which I think is supposed to create the "d" sound.

Imagine Daniel running barefoot through the last of that golden light, on fallen leaves with a sheltie close behind to say "hold" to his Daddy. Because that's what happened here...


This boy is full of ideas and that's something we want to cherish and encourage in our home. If he thinks a cup can be a hat, then a hat it is! If he wants to find a random stick and explore all of the possible uses for it, including "tickle stick," then explore he will!

I have learned so much about creativity from watching him. Friends, I have learned so much about life from him!


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