Just like sisters do.

We raced to the trampoline and slipped off our shoes. We were jumping up and down and up and down just like that. Just like kids do in the summertime. We made up our own games and watched each other do acrobatics. In our backyard in the summertime. We laid on the trampoline and listened to music until it was time to come inside. Just like sisters do in the summertime. Summertime is over and we're not kids anymore. Now we have jobs and talk about grown up stuff... like the meaning of our lives and the dreams etched into our hearts. Just like sisters do when they are all grown up. And then when we have kids of our own, we will be teaching them to share His love. Just like His daughters do when they are all grown up. And then in a hundred years, we will be dancing in the promised land. Just like sisters do.

Just like sisters do.

Senior Night from Jordan Brittley on Vimeo.

Jaelyn's high school softball team won the District Championship on Saturday and they play for the Sectional Title tonight. The video above is from her senior night.

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