July Goals 2014

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I have been thinking a lot about what it means to set goals in my business and in my personal life. About three weeks ago I started setting intentional goals and developing a plan for how I was going to reach those goals. It seems like such a simple adjustment, but it has made a HUGE impact on my business. From gardening,  and finishing album designs to restructuring my family pricing and launching a senior program, I set purposeful goals and put a time limit on them! When tasks have a deadline, that means they make it onto my calendar & when they make it onto my calendar I get things done.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with what you need to get done and what you want to get done. If I haven’t been overwhelmed in the past, it’s simply because I am ignoring what needs doing. There are a few other things that have really helped me to increase my productivity and minimize my stress, but I will save those tips for a separate post (or a series). Today I want to share my July goals with you! I have already accomplished some of the goals, so they are crossed off. I hope to do this every month and keep you update on my progress.

Launch PRETTY (a senior program) for Jordan Brittley - This is DONE! I had a few free hours yesterday and created the beginning parts of a website, facebook page, instagram, marketing materials and launched this program! I cannot wait to photograph Senior GIRLS!

Set up a Twitter account for PRETTY and let my sisters teach me how to use it - They find it hilarious that I still don’t know how to use “the Twitter” very well and I’m sure they will be eager to show me the ins and outs!

Create an outline for my Book - This is the easy & fun part of writing a book. How many outlines have I created in my life? It’s the writing part that seems to be a bit more terrifying.

Write the first two chapters in the my Book - Wow. Those are big words for me to write on the internet. I have a plan in place and should have at least two chapters written by the end of the month. I still haven’t finalized the name for the book, but I will tell you that it is going to be a book on personal journey. The business book will get started later this year so for all of you waiting for the branding book… I haven’t forgotten!

Organize Jordan Brittley Finances - Boom. Done. And it feels good to manage money (instead of stressful to ignore it)!

Blog 5 days a week - So far so good, but I can’t cross it off just yet! If you have anything you want to hear about on the blog, email me (jordan@jordanbrittley.com) or leave a comment below!

Book 3 Portrait Sessions - I am now booking for August, September & October!! This is BIG news since I have only taken on a few non-wedding clients in the last year and I am so excited about this change in Jordan Brittley.

Take all film to the post office on Monday and/or Friday - Talk about a simple goal, but this is cutting down on trips to the post office which apparently takes up a LOT of time.

Read 2 books - I am going to have to pick this up! My current read is EntreLeadership & I plan to pick up Boundaries or Necessary Endings for the second half of the month.

Have friends/family over twice for dinner - I love having people over, but Isaac and I both really enjoy just being by ourselves and the actual inviting part is often forgotten. So we are going to be intentional.

Harvest the Basil once a week - People of the internet, we have BASIL. Thanks to some seriously amazing friends, we have six basil plants and they are growing like crazy! So we are making a lot of pesto (to freeze and eat). Do you have a great recipe that involves basil? I would love for you to share!

Take the Dogs on a walk once a week - Our shelties are terrified of a lot of things, including the great outdoors beyond our fenced in yard. So it’s time to walk in the park so they can see that rain, grasshoppers and children playing really aren’t that bad.

Wake Up at 6 am Monday-Friday - I am not a morning person, but this routine is so refreshing to me and I am noticing that I am ready to be done working at 6 pm if I wake up earlier in the morning. This gives me time to drink water (hydration is important), clean a little, get ready for the day, read & start work at 8 am.

Water the plants on my deck every day - This was great for two and a half months, but I have lacked the motivation to water the plants every day in the last week.

What are your goals for July or this year? Is there something that helps you to manage your goals?

Jordan Brittley