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St Louis Wedding by Jordan Brittley_001
St Louis Wedding by Jordan Brittley_001

Video is a powerful tool that can communicate the heart of your business in just ten seconds. If you aren’t currently using video to build your brand and get people talking about your business, then you might be missing out on something brilliant. I recently filmed a promotional piece for my ideal video client. She gave me creative freedom which let me direct the film in a way that made it different from every other video. Because your video should be uniquely filmed around the story.

Each video has a story. Maybe it’s the story of the business or a story of how the business is affecting the community. It’s important to consider the impact that the story will have on the audience in addition to when, where and to whom the video will be shown. You must be able to make a strategic decision that maximizes profits for your clients and leaves their customers engaged. This is all done while giving your client an amazing video experience. Video is hard work. I will be diving into more aspects of video in the coming months, so if there is something specific you want to hear about please leave a comment below.

Today I am sharing with you what I bring in my video bag. I have discovered that it is the story, and not the gear, that matters. I keep things simple when I am choosing what to bring in my bag and consider my client’s needs, my shooting location and the audience. I recently filmed for a local organization involving youth and left the z-finder, monopod & rode mic at home because I could (1) do the exact same job at the exact same quality with a little more work and (2) I thought a simpler setup might be a little less intimidating for the students. So consider how your gear will affect the people you are filming and adjust accordingly.

Below is what I have available in my video bag!



ACCESSORIESMonopod Z-finder

CLIENT FILES Client Questionnaire Shot List

I also use 2 MacBook Pro’s (15” and a 17”) both of which have the fastest GHz that Apple can provide on a laptop + external hard drives to backup my files.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! You should make pancakes!!

St Louis Wedding by Jordan Brittley_002
St Louis Wedding by Jordan Brittley_002
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