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Kansas City Wedding by Jordan Brittley Before I make a business decision I think through the smallest of details, evaluate profitability and try to make the most strategic decision that I can. This is what I did with film. I read Film is Not Dead, projected yearly expenses for film and decided that film was the best thing that I could give my clients and the best thing I could give myself.

The color is what drew me to film and what leaves my heart skipping a beat when I get to see my images. I have been able to really connect with my clients by shooting film because I am not worried about anything except for the person in front of me. There are still certain situations where I prefer digital (click HERE to see my digital bag), but I see the world in film.

There are SO many great reasons to shoot film, but I won’t get into all of those reasons right now. Read on to see what I keep in my film bag!

St Louis Wedding by Jordan BrittleySt Louis Wedding by Jordan BrittleySpringfield Wedding by Jordan Brittley

FILM BODIES Medium Format: Contax 645 (with eyepiece, back & insert) *Images above were all shot with the Contax 35mm: Canon 1V *Images below were all shot with the Canon 1V

ACCESSORIES +Hoya Filters for the Contax Batteries (2CR5)

LENSES Canon 50 L Canon 85 L Canon 100 L Canon 70-200 L

FILM Fuji 400H Portra 800 Ilford Delta 3200

PERSONAL ITEMS Receipts – I hold onto every business expense while I am on the road and file it once I am home! Chapstick Water Wallet – When I am traveling, I like to keep my wallet in my camera bag and leave the purse at home! Plus, I have my business credit card handy while on shoots and out of state.

BUSINESS ITEMS Business Cards Client Information – Names, Phone Numbers, Shoot Locaiton, etc,. Timeline of Events

BAGS Tenba Carry-On Kelly Moore Libby (Caramel) Kelly Moore Classic (Black)

St Louis Engagement by Jordan BrittleySt Louis Engagement by Jordan Brittley

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