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It’s crazy how much gear I pack and unpack for every wedding, engagement and portrait session. I shoot both film and digital & sometimes balance video too! I would encourage you to select each piece of equipment on purpose. I am all about doing everything on purpose and for a purpose & business investments aren’t any different. Fight the urge to purchase items simply because someone else has purchased that item. Instead, purchase the equipment that you must use to share your vision with the world. In doing this, you will more accurately reflect your brand & grow your business!!

I always suggest renting the equipment before you buy it so that you know that lens will help you tell the story even better. If I ever choose to rent something (mostly for video work) then I use Borrow Lenses or Shillers (St Louis camera store).

Don’t just go buy things. Make purposeful business investments!

If you take that advice, it will save you so much time and money in your business and you will grow! Below I have listed the items that I use for digital photography. I shoot mostly film (my film bag is coming soon to the blog!) so this is the best digital setup for me. I plan on breaking down each piece of equipment and explaining how I use it and for what purpose in the near future!

All of the photos in this post were shot with a digital camera! Read on to find out what's in my digital bag!

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MEMORY CARDS - These cards are FAST! And that's essential for a wedding day! 3, 32 GBs 4, 16 GBs and a handful of 8GBs & 4GBs

BATTERIES LP-E6 I keep 4 extra batteries charged in my bag at all times! Each DSLR also has a battery.

DSLR Canon 5D Mark III Canon 5D Mark II

LENSES 50 L 85 L 100 L 70-200 L

FLASH Speedlite 580 EX II I get asked a lot how I only use one flash at a wedding, so we will go into detail about that later!

PERSONAL ITEMS Receipts - I hold onto every business expense while I am on the road and file it once I am home! Chapstick Water Wallet - When I am traveling, I like to keep my wallet in my camera bag and leave the purse at home! Plus, I have my business credit card handy while on shoots and out of state.

BUSINESS ITEMS Business Cards Client Information - Names, Phone Numbers, Shoot Locaiton, etc,. Timeline of Events

BAGS: And just for fun, I have listed the bags that I use on a shoot! Tenba Carry-On Kelly Moore Libby (Caramel) Kelly Moore Classic (Black) & I will be adding another bag to the list soon!

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