Jordan Brittley's Camera Bag

Jordan Brittley's Camera Bag - Holdfast Roamographer It’s so hard to find a camera bag that can keep up with me. The last two bags that I have purchased have torn after 8 months, which is about the time that the color started fading. I knew that I wanted to invest in a bag that was going to be able to keep up with the flights and the traveling and the amount of gear that I need to fit in a bag.

And then I found the Roamographer from Holdfast. I have been using this bag for over two months, packing it full of gear and lugging it across the country and so far, so good. I am really pleased that the bag isn’t falling in on itself. It is keeping the original form even as the leather breaks in! The padding for the camera on the inside is also removable so you can also use the bag for luggage.

I know that the bag is a little bit more expensive than some other camera bags, but I really needed something that was going to last me for at least 2 years and be reliable! This bag seems to be well made and let’s not overlook just how beautiful it is!

What can I fit in this bag?

Canon 5d Mark iii Canon 50 L Canon 85 L Canon 100 L/Canon 70-200 (depends on the ceremony set up) Batteries Memory Cards Contax 645 Carl Zeiss 80 Film Batteries Film Light Meter Holga Filters Timeline Laptop

Isaac keeps his gear in a different bag and whatever gear we aren’t using goes into our Tenba bag!

Jordan Brittley's Camera Bag - Holdfast RoamographerJordan Brittley's Camera Bag - Holdfast Roamographer

And of course I had to throw in a little baby bump photo for you!

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