2017 book list

I remember staying in my pajamas and reading the whole morning. The rain beat against the windows and a little lamp on my nightstand lit the pages of my book. I was supposed to be running my heart out at a soccer game, but the game was canceled and I found myself completely content with my grandmother's quilt and a good book.


Addressing my fears...

I want to spend more time reading this year! I want to slow down, turn on the quiet, and just read some words. Last year, I thought that I didn't read much because I was watching too much tv. But the truth is that we don't watch a ton of tv anymore. I think I have two fears around reading:

FEAR #1: Reading doesn't help me accomplish anything on my to-do list. It doesn't move me forward in the ways I'm used to moving.

FEAR #2: I'll enjoy reading so much that I won't ever want to stop and I'll become completely unproductive. Ha!

These fears may sound silly, but I it's important for me to address them so I can actually start reading! So let me just speak some truth to myself to combat these fears...

TRUTH #1: Reading is going to slow you down, Jordan. But slow isn't lazy.

TRUTH #2: You're going to enjoy reading, Jordan! But it's not going to take over your life.


My 2017 book list

For-fun fiction

The Shack

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus


Circle maker: 40 day challenge

God is good: He's better than you think

Present over perfect


Nothing to Prove


Nobody wants to ready your stuff (I replaced that last word ;)

How to win friends and influence people

What the most successful people do before breakfast


Talk like TED


Here's to less fear and more reading this year! I'll do this by building reading into my habits of rest (part of my 2017 goals) and valuing a slow and simple life over hustling and achievements. Yay!! I'll be back soon with my February goals and the book I'll be reading this month!


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