Jordan Brittley Saturdays: Pancakes

Oh!! I am so excited about today because today I get to share the very fist video in the Jordan Brittley Saturdays series. I am so excited about releasing these videos throughout the year that I can hardly wait until the next post. So let me tell you what this is all about! At the beginning of this year, I realized that I needed to be refreshed. And not the kind of refreshing that happens on vacations or when the only thing on your list is to read a good book. I'm talking the kind of refreshing that happens day in and day out. I needed a breath of fresh air in my life daily. And I was feeling like I needed a LOT of that air. So I started simplifying my life. I got rid of unnecessary stressors like letting my laundry pile up during wedding season and waiting until the last minute to pack for trips. I didn't hire someone to come in and do this for me... I made these necessary parts of my life part of my daily routine. You would think that by adding more things for me to do daily that I would feel a lot more overwhelmed, but I'm telling you that I feel relaxed about what I need to get done. Now I can handle daily, unexpected stressors with ease instead of starting my day off stressed. Does that make sense?

The biggest change for me was getting my priorities straight. I don't like waking up early but I like to get all of my housework done in the morning. If I want to be working by 8:00 am then I need to have everything done by 7:00 am so that I can read and take a little bit to breathe before the work begins. Being in the Bible in the morning changes my perspective. Every. Single. Day. Reading through truths remind me of my foundation and where my hope is found. Because it's not found in the security of an easy life.

So Jordan Brittley Saturdays? These are videos that will give you ideas for how to spend your Saturdays. I'm a wedding photographer, so it's rare that I get to stay at home on a Saturday but you probably do get to stay home! If you're a photographer, take a day every week and make it your "Saturday."

It's so important to spend your time intentionally. I want these videos to inspire you to do just that: spend your time intentionally. Maybe you like marathoning movies, reading books, skiing or taking photos. What inspires you? How do you want to spend your life? Whatever you do, go do it on purpose.