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 Jordan Brittley Business Mentoring Sessions I'm sitting in our favorite small town coffee shop with my husband. It's a work date, people. He is typing away on a seminary paper and I am typing away to you between sips of hot chocolate and glances out the window. It's a slow-fast kind of work day. The ones where the list is long and the perseverance strong, but there are so many moments that seem to get wrapped up into pretty little memories. I like those kind of work days.

Today is the day to announce the new mentoring sessions! One-on-one workshops are changing too, but that post is for another date! I love teaching. I could spend all day sharing with you what I have learned in business and that's why I am so excited to start promoting some Jordan Brittley mentoring! These sessions can take place online or in your favorite coffee shop and include a mentoring guide so that you can get the most out of your session! Are you curious about the logistics of business, managing finances, social media, developing a powerful brand or getting your name out into the world of business? Maybe you need to talk photography or videography so you can market yourself better or even grow your own photography business! If this sounds like you, then the Jordan Brittley Mentoring Session is for you!

I know that no business is the same and that it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of wisdom to grow a successful one. I want to come alongside you and cheer you on. I want to encourage you to do what matters! These sessions are customized to each individual and can cover any aspect of business that you think will grow your business the way you want it grown!

Contact the Jordan Brittley Studio for more information:! To book your online session by the hour, go to our SHOP!

Jordan Brittley Business Mentoring Sessions

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