Birthday and Labor Day weekend: bubbles & basketball

Picture this: warm summer's sun, burgers with pepper jack cheese, sidewalk chalk, sitting outside, and Daniel running around. This is what our summer/fall birthday weekends look like! There used to be a trampoline, but the wind used it to create "art." 

Daniel is currently obsessed with monkeys (in picture form and stuffed animal form) and cats (in real life form). These adventures are so different now that we have a little one! I am learning to embrace the quiet and restful moments as they come to me instead of only when I create them. I'm learning to embrace those quiet moments and restful times with Daniel. Because now we are doing this life together!

Win: Daniel took a nap while we were at my parents' home! 


I used to wonder how we would take a sabbath with little ones, but the incredible thing is that they really just follow your lead. When we are relaxing, Daniel crawls up onto our laps and snuggles in close. He also loves playing by himself and it's fun to watch him try to bounce a basketball from a comfy lawn chair! I'm learning the life has a lot of still, restful moments and I shouldn't ignore them!

Jianna is playing Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball this year. And she wants to join the track team! This girl is a ball of energy and I love that she sees the world through joy-rimmed glasses! I asked her to do a goofy pose (or something like that) and this is what she came up with! I can't believe my youngest sis is a teen!!


Daniel loves his "Ami" and "Pop" - short for Mami and Papi! My mom offered to blow bubbles with him and he was thrilled! I think he spent most of the time licking the wand, but there was a little bubble chasing!

Y'all, my Dad is hilarious. You should go watch this video! He's the softball coach at Evangel (my Mom is in human resources) and he is the one in the front passenger seat at 1:49. You won't want to miss 2:10 either.


We went inside to eat and went back outside at the end of the day! There was sidewalk chalk, Jenna showing my grandma the doggy filter on snapchat, volleyball, and relaxing in a lawn chair while Daniel chased people with a pool noodle.

Jaelyn and David came down so our whole family was together! I kind of wish I would have taken some pictures of the chalk and our volleyball adventures, but I was too busy living in the moment! There's a lot to be thankful for, friends. Don't you think it's so easy to complain or get down about silly little things that feel so big? Like when a little one has a hard time napping or you get sick or misfire your weekend plans.

Looking back through these photos makes me feel so thankful for this life. Images like this make me thankful for the little conversations with my family and being able to tell them that I love them in person! It makes me thankful for how we tell stories around the dinner table and sit there for hours sometimes!

Birthday & Labor Day weekend- bubbles & basketball.jpg

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At the end of the day, Jianna asked me to photograph her and Jenna running on the hay bails! My parents moved to the country a few years ago and love their space - the land, the stars, and the simple quiet. I have to tell you that I never would have thought "hay bail running" was a game! But these two girls had the best time sprinting back and forth and leaping into the air. I tried to keep my inner big sister from say, "Slow down! Be Careful! Is this safe! Shouldn't you wear a helmet, or like, a protective case?" Just kidding about the last part... kind of. :)