It always looks like together.

I turn on the lamps and he gets a blanket and I lay my head on his lap. This is what our nights look like. Sometimes we mix it up by reading a book, baking something together or talking about the deepest parts of our heart. But  it always looks like togetherI am truly thankful for him. I wouldn't want to do life without him by my side. I don't want to give the impression that marriage is easy. Because it is quite hard. You don't see things the same way and you have different goals. You want different things. Sometimes you really don't understand each other at all and you want to yell. Not because of a lack of love, but because you thought everything was going to be a bundle of roses... and it is not. And this, this hard part of becoming one, is the beginning of a truly incredible marriage.

Because you start to dream together and run together. You begin to live sacrificially for the other and your marriage thrives. It's not that you suddenly completely understand each other, but you hold each other tighter anyways. You start to love differently... and better. Because it is the Lord's love that holds your marriage together. The Lord has given you to each other because you can run harder when you are together. The Lord is creating something beautiful... this oneness that we call marriage.

So yes, I am so thankful for him. I'm thankful for the struggle of learning how to run together and I am thankful for the trials ahead. And if I am being completely honest with you, I am filled with such great joy. Because the Lord will guide us through it all.


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