His shirt smelled like the blue softener I put in the wash and it felt wet beneath my teary eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and listened to how my heart was breaking because of my sin. I wanted to be humble and I didn't want the pride to creep back into my life. Pride. The word still gets me. And I can still remember my words broken by the sobs that winter night nearly two years ago: I just want to be humble. I should be humble. I need to be more humble. And then my incredible husband said something that has revolutionized the way I live my life each day: Jordan, you have made a law for yourself to be humble. And that is not our goal. Our goal is to let Christ live in us and because of the life that He gives us, all of the good things (humility) will be an overflow. Our lives should be an overflow of Him. It's not about the good things we do. It's about what Jesus has already done for us.

And does this mean that we should not do good things? No. It simply means that the good things that we do are second nature because of what Jesus is doing in our lives. And so my daily goal is not to do good things, but to live in the freedom that He has given me. And then we are like trees producing good fruit. Because He has watered and given sunlight and taught the tree how to live.

My identity rests in who He is. Not in any bad thing I do. Not in any good thing I do. Praise the Lord. So today I will let Him transform my life by setting my eyes on His goodness.

clouds, above the clouds

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