i just miss you

I pulled out the match to light the candle while Jaelyn grabbed the marshmallows and other smore necessities. Yes, we loved our marshmallows over the flicker of a candle in the kitchen. Fireflies in the summertime and softball. The four of us love to be together and I am moved by their love for me. I know they are stuck with me, but it's not that kind of love. We want to be together and we miss each other dreadfully when we are apart. So this is to the three of you.

Jaelyn, Jenna & Jianna,

I am half a world away, but missing you still. I miss making ice cream shakes with you and playing games together. I miss the very strange conversations we have in the car and those times you try to sound like a pterodactyl. I miss the "walk of shame" down the Walgreens aisle because you thought no one could hear your pterodactyl noises. I miss our competitions to see who can laugh in the strangest conceivable way.

I miss the sweet hugs and your joy for the Lord. I miss our made up songs and raps that don't rhyme.

I just miss you.

Love, Jordan


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