How you can take a week off work when your run your own business

When was the last time that you took a week off? If you're a business owner, it's possible that you have never really taken a week off. It's a challenging thing to do when you are managing so many different things! Well, I am currently on maternity leave and am taking 2 months off! If you would have told me that this was possible 6 months ago, I wouldn't have believed you. It requires some hard work but you're not a stranger to hard work. Let me show you how you can take a week off work and come back to a business that's still booming!

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I am going to write an entire post on CoSchedule very soon. Why? Because it has brought so much joy and freedom to my life (and I'm not even kidding). If you know that a blog post will need to go live while you're away, you can write the post and tell CoSchedule when you want it to be posted to each social media platform! It's easy! If you want to start your free trial, click here!


I use Buffer to schedule all social media posts that don't pertain to my blog. It's possible to use CoSchedule to schedule posts, but Buffer has this amazing feature I want to tell you about. It's called the que. You simply add posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest ques and Buffer will decide when it's best for your content to be published! Don't worry, there's a full write up coming on this one too!

I love latergram! It makes scheduling instagram posts so easy. You simply upload a photo and schedule the time. It will let you know when it's time to post by sending you a notification on your phone. You then open Instagram, paste the caption that you have already written, and post your photo!

Tidy up your email

There are a lot of reasons to stay on top of your email and this is one of them! If you know that you want to take time off work, you want to be totally caught up! Make sure that your inbox is empty before you leave.

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Email Auto Responder

You will want to make sure that you include a good email responder while you're away! Just turning this on is bound to give you a little freedom while you take a week off work!

In your auto responder, you will want to make sure that you greet them, tell them you're out of the office, and let them know when you will be responding to emails. You can even tell them where to find you! I tell people they can keep up with my adventures on Instagram until I return!

Forget your email

You're going to be gone for one week. That's not a lot of time. If you have a team that can manage your inbox while you're away, let them handle it. If you are doing everything on your own, you need a break! It's okay to not check your email. If you feel like it's something that you must do, I would suggest putting only checking it once a day and limit yourself to 15 minutes.

But really, it's okay for you to delete the app on your phone and log out of your account on your computer.

Know what the surrounding weeks are going to be like

It's going to take some work in order for you to take time off. This means additional work before your week off and additional time when you return! It's worth it for you to spend that time with your family, but it means that you will want to plan ahead. Avoid scheduling meetings if you won't have time to prepare. Don't promise something that you won't be able to do!

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