How to start shooting film at weddings

How to Start Shooting Film at Weddings - The Jordan Brittley Blog

It's no surprise that film is making it's way back into the wedding industry. The way that film is able to capture the light, skin tones, and those stunning blues and greens is enough to catch anyone's eye. And the best part is that brides are starting to take notice! So if you're wondering how to start shooting film at weddings, here are some practical tips for slowly incorporating it into your workflow!

Decide on the equipment and film stock you want to use

There are so many options when it comes to film! You can shoot medium format film or 35mm film. I purchased a Canon 1V, used, from Adorama and a Contax 645 in an online group (but KEH is a great place to look for used Contax's)!

I love shooting medium format Portra 800 because of the flexibility it offers in darker lighting situations and the way that it photographs reds! I love shooting medium format Fuji 400H because of the way it looks at greens and blues. Goodness, green can be so so beautiful!

Focus on shooting one roll at a time

Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to shoot the whole wedding on film when you're first starting. Just work with one insert and take it one roll at a time. I had one goal for the very first hybrid wedding that I shot: shoot one roll of film. I believe that I shot 3 rolls. And friends, I was so particular about the images that I took. Those three rolls taught me so much about shooting intentionally and took my work to an entirely different level.

Ensure your gear is working

This is when you get to practice everything you have been learning about film! Grab your gear, shoot a roll and make sure the camera isn't malfunctioning. You can check out my very first roll below!

Practice with personal work

I love photographing my sisters so I set up a personal shoot to practice shooting film. This helped me to be confident with the light meter, posing, and the natural stillness of shooting film. I would definitely encourage you to introduce film into your personal work before you introduce it into your paid work.


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