How to photograph flowers: your focal point changes the entire image

How to photograph flowers - Your Focal Point Changes the Entire Image - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

If you have ever seen a photograph, then you know that your focal point matters! I remember being in high school and having my sister lay in some grass. There was a purple flower (a weed) that I focused on so that Jenna was just barely visible in the background! I was editing the photos at home and my youngest sister said, "Oops! You missed!"

I think it sets you apart as a photographer when you choose your focal point instead of just letting it happen. I like to look at how the light is hitting the flowers and how the flowers "feel." To someone who isn't a creative at heart, that might sound like the strangest thing they have ever heard! But when you communicate depth and light in a single frame, people will start to take notice!

I think we can all agree that your focal point matters. It's part of the story. Whatever you eliminate with your focus is just as important as what you include. Look at the centerpiece below...

How Your Focal Point Changes the Entire Image - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

In the first photograph, the purple lily is in focus. In the second photograph, the 2nd pink rose is in focus. In the third photograph, the first pink rose is in focus.

The work that you see most often from me will be photograph #3! Why? Because I like images that are tack sharp and also a little dreamy. I love that bokeh! When I'm photographing flowers, I love focusing on those first flowers and letting everything else fade away.

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