How to make your very own floral crown

Have you ever wanted to dance around and wear a floral crown everywhere you go? Or maybe you have been to busy to even consider doing something like that. I know what that's like! Today we are sharing an amazing guide for all the ladies! I can't believe we are about to give away Charity's secrets. This girl is so talented and she puts so much heart into what she does. This download will only be available for a limited time (we are hoping to get it published asap) so grab it while you can!

How to make your very own floral crown

Since you're here, I wanted to share the steps with you because this is something every gal should do! The guide includes the photos + detailed steps if you want all the information!



  • 24 gauge green floral paddle wire
  • 30 gauge green floral paddle wire
  • wire cutter
  • green floral tape
  • greenery
  • small blossoms

STEP 1 - Measure your head!

STEP 2 - Secure the second wire!

STEP 3 - Add the green tap and first stem!

STEP 4 - Wrap the wire to secure the stems!

STEP 5 - Keep adding the stems!

STEP 6 - Cut the wire and secure!

How to make your very own floral crown

Updated to add: Tickets for the workshop go on sale at 10:00PM CST on Thursday!! I hope to see you at the workshop!!


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