How I Ran My Business With Morning Sickness

How To Run a Business While You Have Morning Sickness I spent the first few months of my pregnancy just trying to make it through the day. I had morning sickness. And evening sickness. And night sickness. I was sick non-stop from week 6 to week 17 during this pregnancy. I could barely eat and it didn’t seem worthwhile anyway because my body would inevitably reject the food. I was miserable and weak. I would walk through my kitchen to get a glass of water and smell the food in the cabinets and it would send me running for the bathroom.

I have had several small business owners ask me how I managed my business through morning sickness. And to be honest, I didn’t feel like I was managing anything because I was just trying to survive. I know I’m being a bit dramatic, but I (really) don’t enjoy pregnancy sickness.

So what did my behind the scenes look like? It looked like THIS. And it looked like THIS (eating outside in the cold because I couldn’t stand the smell of the food). It looked like shooting on the water after spending NO time on the computer that day because I didn’t want to add to the nausea. But mostly it looked like THIS. It’s a good thing I love our bed because I lived there for a few months.

Let me share about the specific aspects of my business and how I handled them while I was sick during the first part of pregnancy.

EMAIL - This happened at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. I used my phone to manage emails and if a booking was moving forward quickly, I just managed it from my phone.

READING - Nope. Haha! I love reading, but it was just another thing that made me sick! So I listened to a lot of podcasts instead.

PROJECTS - I shut these down. It happened naturally for me. I couldn’t get on my computer without becoming even more sick, so the projects waited.

MEETINGS - I did meet with some brides while I was sick. And I drank lots of water during our meetings! But I only met with them if it was necessary in order to book. I left for the meeting so that I could get there 30-45 minutes early just so I could recover from sickness that would develop in the car.

I worked with Allison and Charity on an inspiration shoot (which will be on Style Me Pretty very soon)! I asked to reschedule our first meeting because I knew that I was too sick to make the drive. And even if I could make the drive, I doubted that I would be able to sit in the coffee shop for very long.

WEDDINGS - Weddings involved lots of people praying for me, lots of water and lots of grapes.

HYDRATION - Remember how I couldn’t go fill up my water without throwing up? Well, that was kind of a problem. So I drank lots and LOTS of bottled water.

DRIVING - We allowed so much time for driving when I was sick. If we had a sunrise shoot three hours away, we made the drive the night before and stayed in a hotel. If we had a meeting in the evening, we got there in the afternoon so that I could recover and focus on the people I was meeting!

SOCIAL MEDIA - I did what I would call a social media shutdown. I would post sneak peeks and some behind the scenes images, but only if it was really important to do so.

PREP THE FOOD (or have someone else prep it) - At some point, eating fruit every hour began to help with sickness. Isaac would wash a LOT of grapes and cut up a couple of apples every morning so that I could eat throughout the day. Eventually I was well enough to do it myself. But the fruit craving never left. Love that fruit!

Everyone experiences morning sickness different, so just make adjustments based on what you need! Give yourself some grace and let people help you when they want to! One of my friends came over and cleaned for me while I was sick. A lot of them cooked for me and even more prayed for me. You can do this!

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