How I Plan on Shooting My Sister's Wedding

On Monday I shared photos of Jaelyn and David because they are engaged (and David decided to have me photograph the proposal)! Their engagement photos are still a couple of weeks away and in the mean time, I have developed a plan of action for the wedding. A couple of years ago Jaelyn asked me how me photographing her wedding would work. She hadn't even met David at that point but we started chatting about the possibilities. I landed on the idea of just being a bridesmaid so that I could spend time with her and just be a guest. And then everything, and I mean everything, changed in my business.

I started to really connect with my clients around that time. I started to pull out their personalities and give them a safe place to be themselves with each other and grow together in a session's time. I started to fall in love with photography in a whole new way. Because now? Now I have discovered a whole new way to approach people with a camera in hand and I love watching their love grow for each other as I direct their session.

So when Jaelyn asked me if I would photograph their wedding this time, I said yes. I'm thrilled, friends! Because there is no better way for me to love on her on that day. So since a few of you have asked me if I was photographing the wedding, I decided to share that answer (YES!!!) and my plan for how to be a bridesmaid/MOH AND the photographer.

How I Plan on Photographing my Sister's Wedding - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Allow time to just be her sister

This means running errands for Jaelyn on her wedding day. It means writing her a letter, praying with her, and making her eat a cracker. This means holding her hand and celebrating this new journey with her.

Create wiggle room in the timeline

Wedding days can feel so rushed, so I am doing everything I can to put as much down time in her timeline as possible. I am going to know a lot of the wedding guests and I would love to sit and talk with them without feeling like I should be working. By creating some room in the timeline, I can be sure that she is well taken care of with photography

Photograph as much as I can the day before

This will include the dress, veil, invitation suite, rings and any landscape/decor shots that can be taken on the day before. This is going to save me hours on the day of the wedding. And that means more one-on-one time with Jae (that's what we call her).

Do things different

I love Jaelyn because she isn't afraid to bend any unimportant rules. I told her that I wanted to shoot the ceremony (because I really want to photograph those moments) and she is already developing a plan to make that happen!

hint: It may involve me parachuting in as she is walking down the aisle. I kid, I kid.

Have another photographer handle the family photos and full wedding party photos

Having another photographer there to handle the photos that both Isaac and I will be in will be so helpful. The plan is for them to shoot on our equipment so that we can keep things consistent.

Have Isaac second shoot for me

Just like always, Isaac is going to second shoot this wedding with me. That man. He is good at shooting weddings and portraits. I'm so glad that he is part of this team and that I can totally trust him to do an amazing job.

Have a camera with me always

Even when I'm on bridesmaid/MOH duties, I am going to have the camera with me. Because I believe those small moments should be remembered. Those tissue moments should be photographed.

Have Jenna shoot occasionally

You have heard me talk about Jenna before because she was the first person that we added to our JB Team. You know she is an amazing editor, but what you might not know is that she shoots just like me. I suppose we see the world the same way because our composition is indistinguishable. So I'm sure she will end up with one of our cameras in hand!

Make a list

I don't ever use shot lists unless I am photographing the family, but I'm switching it up for this wedding. Just in case I become distracted or overwhelmed, I am going to refer to the list to keep it all straight.

Bring the tissues

And of course, I will be bringing tissues. If I'm responsible for photographing the ceremony, I should be able to see, right? ;)

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