How I Get Things Done During Wedding Season

It's June and wedding season is in full swing. We shot 6 weddings in 6 weeks and Daniel was still only 6 weeks old. I don't say that because I think that being busy is the best thing. I say that because if you follow me on Instagram, you hear how important it is to me to do what matters. This means lots of quality time and adventure with my two guys, following Jesus and loving people. To me, that doesn't look like being stuck behind the computer all day every day. I have been asked several times how I am getting wedding season done and I'm here to share!

How to Get it Done During Wedding Season - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Good Storage + Backup System

As a photographer, the last thing you want to do is lose the images from a wedding. I used to spend so much time checking and double checking before I removed something from my laptop. This was taking up time that I could be using to actually serve my clients, so I have changed my storage and backup systems so that they work with a busy wedding season.

Drive #1 - This drive stores all of the current weddings and shoots that need to be edited. Jenna edits directly from this drive because of its fast upload speed.

Drive #2 - This drive stores all of the original files so that I don't have to worry about something being deleted by accident.

Computer #1 - I keep this computer free of all shoots! I use it for graphic design, blogging, etc.

Computer #2 - Jenna uses this computer for editing, so it has LR and acts as an additional backup to the current shoots.

Pixieset - Once Jenna is finished editing the wedding/shoot, I upload all of the final images to a Pixieset gallery.

Fast Card Reader

I have been using the Lexar Professional Workflow System for a while now. It's efficient, easy to use, and travels well. You will need the hub + card readers. I only shoot with CF cards, but you can select other card readers as well!


Isaac has been second shooting with me from the beginning. We just work well together! He has been taking care of all the bank + post office runs so I can use the time to blog or hold our little babe.

I brought Jenna onto the team last fall to edit our weddings. I couldn't spend my time doing what matters without her on board!


I know that you have heard me say that I don't use presets, but this changed last week. Jenna is doing all of the editing these days and it can take some time. This is especially true when I am so picky about the composition, coloring, and exposure of the images. In order to give her some of her time back and keep our weddings consistent from event to event, I created presets for her to use!

I am going to be sharing all about the presets we are using on the blog this week, so stay tuned!


I just recently started using this app after reading this post. It's important to have an efficient way to manage your to do list and make sure that nothing gets lost in get busy season. We use two boards right now: one for me and one for Isaac.

Isaac's board is pretty simple and includes a big to do list, and a list for each day of the week. He drags tasks to the list for the day and then to the "DONE" board once they are completed.

My board is a little more complicated. I have the following lists: to do, done, Jenna (tracks what she is currently editing), everyday (these are the projects and shoots that need to be completed), big list (this is the place where I drop everything I can think of), blog ideas, product ideas, and lists for each day of the week.


I often feel like I need to get ahead of my list in order to rest. But if you approach business with that attitude, you are never going to relax. We all know that the list is endless and things are being piled on as quickly as they are being completed.

If it's hard for you to commit to resting for an entire day (like me), then this is for you: your list should never overtake your life. Set aside a day to do what inspires you and take a break! I have noticed that I am able to be even more productive and approach the day with a refreshed mind after I have given myself some rest.