How does God want you to run your business?

This can feel like such a big question, can't it? If what you want is to follow God in your life, you know this extends to your business. But it can feel so mysterious and complicated, can't it? I am far from perfect in follow God in my business, but there are so many things that I have learned along the way. Photographing weddings, engagement sessions, and all kinds of shoots are just other ways that I can worship God. If something stressful happens on a wedding day, I know that I can turn to Him and ask Him to make a way. If something doesn't go as planned or if I feel like the earth might give way (I'm being a little dramatic here), I know that I can ask Him for help.

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He is ready and willing to give immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. Don't be fooled: this isn't about your name. This isn't about your fame. This isn't about having a ton of followers or getting a ton of likes. His ways are so much greater than that.

I was sitting in church this Sunday and I asked Him how I should measure success. I had posted a couple of photos on Instagram that didn't get as many likes and fear started to flood my mind. I know that can seem so silly, but it's one of the measurements I have been using to gauge and project growth for my business! I started to worry if I was too serious with my posts. I started to wonder if I was speaking too strongly. I started to wonder if I was irrelevant. I started to ask God if my message needed to change.

So how does God want me to measure my Instagram growth? Here is what He said to me: "Power made perfect in weakness." 

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The truth is that the message that I am speaking on Instagram isn't about me. It's about what God is doing. I will wake up, and He will say, "this is what you need to say today." There are times when I sit down to relax during Daniel's nap and God says, "speak." So I get out my phone or my computer and I just start writing the words that He tells me to write.

So the message doesn't need to change because it's not mine to begin with. This message is one that God is in control of, and I just get to write the words. Just the other day I was sitting outside and about to write an educational post, and this is what He put on my mind. Let me be the first to tell you that I was anxious this weekend about the message that God has put in front of me. He wants a generation of business women to love Him and seek his Kingdom first. But I only get anxious when I start thinking about myself.

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So I'm putting pen to paper here. I'm getting it out in front of everyone and telling you that I won't give into the temptation to grow my own kingdom on Instagram or any social media app. If I start to make it about me, He can redeem and restore. He is so full of grace even when I want to build a name for myself or seek His Kingdom last.

What do I want? I want to seek His Kingdom first. And only. My "kingdom" doesn't belong here. The old has gone and the new has come. Lord Jesus, let me live like that.

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This blog is going to continue to have educational posts, show the latest weddings, and include snippets of my life with Isaac and Daniel. But there's a new umbrella to this whole blog and it's about seeking Him first. It's about loving Him with all that we have and watching Him transform our businesses and lives before our very eyes. Because He loves us with an immeasurable love.

So the way that we have to approach this whole question starts with asking God, "How do you want me to run my business?" He has already reminded me of the struggles that I have faced and am facing with trusting God in my business. I want to share all of it with you as He leads me. But first, ask Him. Start the conversation. It's time.

Kansas City Garden Engagement - Jordan Brittley Photography (

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