Hoping for the Future and Today

I have caught myself in the warmth of the summer sun more often than usual this week. Or in front of the tv racing my sisters on Mario Kart. It has felt like an entire summer gone by and only a few hours at the same time - this week that we are finishing. It's a lovely thing to spend so much time with them and hear their dreams. Like the real dreams. The ones that change the world. And it's lovely to see my husband shine the light of Christ on their lives like a brother. I just feel so blessed today. My heart is still grieving because I long for our friends in St Louis, but the Lord has given me hope for the future He has ordained for my life. And a month ago I didn't feel very hopeful. Praise the Lord that He is the One who shows me how to hope.

Here is my sweet husband sharing a devotional for the sermon this Sunday.