I wasn't created for the business hamster wheel

I sat there on the deck while the sun was rising - don't worry, it was still April so it wasn't too early. Haha! That simple moment shaped my whole day: time to get in front of the Lord with no rules - just an expectation that He will show up.

The music played and my mind wandered from prayer request to prayer request. In the past, I've made my time with Jesus too complicated. I don't need to check off a quiet time, an elaborate Bible study, and prayer time to feel good about my relationship with Him. 

My relationship with Him was never meant to be measured by my feelings about it or what I can accomplish inside it. I know this truth, but I find myself diverting from it over time. So a morning on the deck to hit "reset" and get back to just being with Him is life to me.

My relationship with Him has been marked as good because of grace. 

Friend, I really want to ask you this question - do you know that's God is not angry with you?

When we become inheretors of the Kingdom of God - children of the Most Powerful - we are marked by grace. 

I needed that reminder the other day.


We drove to Oklahoma to visit my Meme for her Birthday earlier this week. We watched Beauty and the Beast while Daniel played with leftover balloons. He threw them into the air, saying "Oh no! The balloons are far away!" Once they reached the ceiling he would say, "What are we going to do?!" He would do that for a full 30 minutes and I couldn't stop laughing!

My Meme can grow anything, so her garden is always flourishing and she's started adding solar lights throughout her landscaping. We walked outside last night for a garden tour and Daniel was totally mesmerized! And then I basically begged her to help me transform my deck to a magical place and teach me all of her flower arranging tricks.

Give me a hammock and no mosquitos under the stars, pretty please! Second option: go find a couple of good trees in the park.


Oh, and let me be real here for a second - this succulent no longer looks like this! Insert the face palm emoji. Haha! It's not... what I would call... thriving. (And, yup. We'll just go ahead and put that laugh-until-you-cry emoji right here.) Any tips for bringing it back? All of its leaves are falling off!

Whether you're a momma, a business owner, a dreamer, or all of the above, I want you to know that you and I have total freedom to let go of all the rules. Blogging is such a fun, creative outlet and it's a smart business move, but it's not a have-to. 

Let's say yes to more joy, more freedom, and say no to #alltherules. You and I weren't created to do all the things and be everything to everyone. Go and enjoy your life, sweet friend.

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It's okay if your dining room doesn't look like something from Pinterest. It's okay if the food you give to your guests is simple and "ordinary." Here's the truth about you: there's nothing ordinary about spending time with you. Here's to more spur-of-the-moment guests with an undone home and a grateful heart.

Here's to more adventuring and less rule-following in business! Here's to serving our clients well, being the best marketers we can be, and taking a day off. You weren't created for the business hamster wheel. 

I'm so thankful for you, friend. Go fill your time with the things that bring life to you.


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