Happy Thanksgiving!

My heart is fuller and full. How did we ever go a day without this little boy? Isaac and I took a mini road trip this weekend (which you may have seen on Insta story) and we missed him so much. We had actually talked about eating at our favorite Indian or Thai restaurant and seeing a movie to celebrate our anniversary, but we had to get home to see Daniel!

When he got home, he wouldn't stop running around and yelling, "Nun nun nun nun!" I hold him a little longer before bed these days. We turn off the lights, sing to him, and he tucks his hands under my arms. I can feel his whispy boy hair on my cheek as I turn my head and rest it on his.


Isaac, Daniel, and I sat in my office earlier this week and watched all the videos I have recorded over the last year and half using Photo Booth! I don't think I realized how loved Daniel feels by us until tonight. I watched his eyes light up and grin the sweetest grin as I played peek-a-boo with 8 or 10 month old Daniel.

I wanted to cry tears of thankfulness. We "couldn't" have a child, but God made a way. We "couldn't" have children but we still had Victory for a short time. And one day, God will give us a second boy — just like he promised when I was still pregnant with Daniel.

My heart is full and thankful. Because one day I'll look back on our lives and tell the story of how God did the impossible over and over again.


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