handwritten notes + a few other things

10 random things 1) We currently don't have a couch. We sit on the floor to watch movies. It's kind of epic. 2) I prefer a barn of chandeliers and Isaac prefers a barn of cows. 3) Alias was just released on the netflix instant. 4) I recently started watercoloring in photoshop. It's kind of relaxing. 5) I love handwritten notes. 6) Blue. Choral. Yellow. Lovely colors. 7) I want to learn how to do calligraphy. 8) Weddings are my favorite. 9) Pursuit 31 is a community of Christian girls who photograph people. You can find out more HERE. 10) I love my Libby bag from Kelly Moore. And my Classic bag.

&& if you are a Jordan Brittley bride, be looking for something in the mail. Happy Wednesday!


watercolor, sail boat

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