Haiti: the struggles of a filmmaker.

Over the past few months I have organized and reorganized the video from the Haiti December trip. Initially I had hoped to create a 10 minute documentary of what is going on in the country and what the relationship looked like between the Journey Church and the Haiti Church. And now I am hoping to create something quite a bit longer. I can't believe I am telling you this.

I have never ever even thought about creating a film like this before. Not about something that is so close to my heart. And this is where I see the fear creeping into my life. Because I want this film to touch lives. I want this film to create an unimaginable fire. I want this film to point back to the Lord every step of the way. And this crazy fear fades into nothing when I set my eyes on Him. Because He is just using me to tell a story. This is about Him. Who He is. How He loves. And what He can do.

Even in someone like me.

So I am making a commitment to you. To share the struggles of putting a documentary together and to encourage you to run after the Lord in ways you would never have thought possible. Because we can do all He calls us to do with His strength.

haiti documentary by jordan brittley

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