A Vision to Reality.

A year ago the Lord began to stir the dreams. The dreams that He had planted in my heart long ago. The visions. The visions of His Glory and the call He had ordained on my life. I didn't know what to do with all of it. Because these visions were crazy and truly only possible with the Lord. How could I make myself vulnerable to Him and follow Him into this craziness that made my heart stir like nothing else? So I let these visions of my calling rest in the depths of my heart. And on the edges of my heart. The mere thought of one becoming reality was enough to send me into sobs. I longed. I longed to see His Glory revealed in this part of my life.

And it's so easy to become distracted. To chase the world. Beauty. Humility. Wealth. These things do not define me. And yet I was living like they did. So I made a list. I made a list of a few things that I wanted to do when I was inspired by the Spirit. I wanted to have this list to help keep me focused on what God wants me to do during this season of life.

  • I want to journey with other women and be encouraged together because the Lord has immeasurably more for us. Eph 3:20
  • I want to encourage.
  • I want to be REAL with people. Like really real.
  • I want to serve the Church.
  • I want to pray for great change. And small change.
  • I want to draw near to the Lord.
  • I want to serve my husband.
  • I want to write about something that matters.
  • I want to read the Word.
  • I want to film a video for missions.

And that last one lines up with a dream that the Lord stirred almost a year ago. Because one of my deepest longings is to connect with people and share the gospel and tell about the great things the Lord is doing. Through video. And this dream, this vision that the Lord has given me is becoming a reality in two days as I travel to Haiti to film a documentary. Praise the Lord.

My heart is overwhelmed with joy because He is so good. He doesn't have to use me in any way and yet He has set me apart. To delight in Him. To serve Him. To look different than the rest of the world. Isn't He so good like that?! That He would use us? My prayer this morning is that He would use us (you and me) in such a great way that the only explanation is His hand. And then when people see what He is doing, may they turn and call on the name of the Lord. Because it is not us. It is Him.

What dreams has the Lord given you? What do you long for when you are inspired by the Spirit? How will He Glorify Himself through you? Let's seek the Lord together.

Galations 1:10 written on paper


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