Grief is not the Thief

Jordan Brittley Photography Grief is not the thief of joy.

I wrote those words in a journal a couple of months ago and they have left me thinking. I have experienced great grief; a grief only consoled by God's goodness and there have been so many times that I have wondered who or what came along and stole my joy. I tried to blame my grief. I tried to blame my circumstances and then the Lord spoke to me and brought a refreshing reminder that my circumstances don't need to change in order for me to hope again.

I wrote these words on July 31st:

"In the past I have felt like I could only be refreshed by new circumstances, but today I hold to the truth that my refreshment comes from Him pouring out His Glory. This HAS to be at least part of what Isaiah 40:31 means: 'Those who hope in The Lord will renew their strength...' I love that it DOESNT say 'Those who renew their circumstances will find hope.' Praise God."

I have to let the Lord be the foundation and source of my hope and not my circumstances. This simple truth has brought me so much encouragement because my hope doesn't have to be defined by a situation of joy or grief. My hope is in God. And that, my friends, gives me great joy.

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