I don't know about you, but #idoweekends

Part of building a boomin' business is taking care of the person behind it all.

And, hey! That happens to be you!

Picture a weekend where there's no pressure to check in with social media, produce content, check off another to-do from the week before, or try to get ahead for the next week. That sounds like a dream, right?


Hello, #IDoWeekends

Hello, #IDoWeekends. When you start out as an entrepreneur, you don't really think about all of the hours it will take to make it happen. You don't care how much time it will take, right? You're just excited to see it take off and make a living doing what you love!

You know hustle. You know hard work. You know where you want to go. And no matter what you achieve, you keep going - dreaming bigger than ever before! It sounds dreamy because it is! If you're an entrepreneur, you think different. You see the possibilities before you see anything else.

Do you know how wildly rare that is? Do you realize just how unique you are?

That's why I'm more passionate than ever about taking weekends off. It's easy to let your passion for your job sweep you off your feet and into a 24/7 work cycle. But if you are in this for the long-haul - if this isn't some 1-2 month project - then we've gotta refuel!

Hello, #IDoWeekends

It's time to start a movement, friend. It just takes you and me making this one small shift in our lives. I'm about to shake things up because #IDoWeekends. Who knows what kind of impact it could have if we took care of ourselves like we take care of our clients? Can you imagine?!


Maybe we would look our loved ones straight in the eyes.

Maybe we would read a book.

Maybe we would go explore and make memories for a lifetime.

Maybe we would finally do the thing we've always wanted to do.

Maybe we would delete an app over the weekend.

Maybe we would be more entirely inspired instead of competitively comparing.

Hello, #IDoWeekends!

So, tell me - what would you do with your weekends if they were given back to you?

Because I'm taking mine back. #idoweekends.

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