Get Connected with Vendors in your Industry

St Louis Engagement Session at the Zoo by Jordan Brittley Photography If you are wondering how to get connected with other vendors in your industry, your networking instincts are at work! I was asked by a photographer in my #askjordanbrittley group how to best get connected with other vendors and I wanted to dive into the answer on the blog. In short, I think you put yourself out there, serve them well and then serve them again! Whether you find yourself wondering how to build your very first connection or you are wondering how to expand your connections, this post is for you!

PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE - Be bold and don’t be afraid! Go ask if you can take headshots. Ask if you can take them to coffee. Ask if they want to jump on board with your latest creative shoot. Give them the opportunity to be part of what you’re doing!

The worst thing you could hear is “no” and it really wouldn’t even be all that horrible if that’s what you heard. Plus, the results are going to be the same if you do nothing so you have nothing to lose! Be confident in what you can bring to the table and stop underestimating your gifts.

So who should you get in touch with? If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s always great to know really great wedding planners. They are life savers on wedding days and bring something really unique (and important) to the team. But don’t forget about the rest of the vendors out there! If you see talent, reach out. If you see passion, reach out. It really doesn’t matter where they stand in the industry. Come alongside them and give them the opportunity to be on the team!!

Just go do it!!

GET EXCITED ABOUT HOW YOU CAN SERVE THEM - I think starting with the right heart is really important. It will help you to grow as a creative artist if you can put others first and it will spur others on as well! How can you best serve the vendors you are already working with? How can you best serve the vendors you want to work with? Once you know the answer, get excited about it! People love being served (aka loved on)!

I wish that I could buy a cruise ticket for all of the vendors I work with! That’s how much I appreciate what they bring to the table. Obviously I can’t do that, but I can be really intentional with how I photograph their service/product. I can be intentional with the words that I say to them. I always try to (honestly) tell the vendors just how much I loved working with them. I want them to know that what they are doing matters!

Are they opening a new shop? Ask how you can help move boxes and set things up! Are they working from home with a little one? Send them a candle (or some dark chocolate)! How does this vendor need to be loved today? And write cards; always write cards.

GIVE THEM A “WOW” EXPERIENCE WITH YOU - Give everyone your best from the very beginning! If the vendors decide they want to work with you, make sure that you are producing your best work at all times and taking every opportunity you are given to serve them well. Tag them on social media. Brag on them. Shower them with love at every opportunity. Send them a gift! Continue to help move boxes!

You are never going to regret putting someone else before yourself. I just want to challenge you to do all of this with the right heart. Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. So your heart is going to be evident! When I realize that I don’t have the right motives for what I want to do or what I am doing, I take it to God. He has changed my heart over and over again. He transforms my heart into one that actually enjoys serving others, which I assure you is not part of my “nature.”

Love others. And love them well.

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