Frame by frame: the traditional portrait

Shooting the Traditional Photograph - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

The traditional portrait. If you're a wedding photographer, those words might not be your favorite. I totally understand and that's why I think it's time we change the traditional "traditional portrait!"

When brides or their parents ask for a traditional portrait, they are talking about the portrait where the bride and groom are looking at the camera! I think this image is one of the most important photos in your wedding gallery because it's the one that will most likely hang in grandma's living room!

Shooting the Traditional Photograph - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

Let's mix things up!

Just because the traditional portrait is a must doesn't mean it should be totally boring! Ask the groom to stand behind the bride. Ask them to hold each other and look at the camera. Take a pose that you already love and ask them to look at the camera. Chances are that you won't even have to ask them to smile - people naturally do that when they are looking at the camera!!


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