frame by frame: standing in the shade

St Louis Engagement by Jordan Brittley Photography I am frequently asked about how I achieve consistent color in my photographs and I am here to share all of the details with you today by breaking down this image!

Camera: Contax 645 Film Stock: Fuji 400H rated at 200 Manual Settings: 1/60, f/2.0

This image was taken in a heavily shaded area on a pathway through wildflowers. The sun was rising just to the left of Becca and Matt, which created a beautiful rim light around them. I knew that by exposing for the skin (instead of the sunlight), I would have an illuminated image. I also noticed the greenery that lined the pathway was slightly darker and had a hint of blue. Those greens are something that I always look for when I am shooting with fuji 400!

By shooting film, I made sure that my background wouldn't lose detail and I would still have beautiful skin stones in the photograph. In post, I bumped the exposure (+.50) and contrast (+25) and this is the result!

Are you shooting digital? Just because you are a digital shooter doesn't mean that you can't shoot illuminated images. Just be sure to watch your whites and make sure that you don't blow out your background! You can tackle slightly overexposed backgrounds with the recovery tool in Lightroom!

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