Frame by Frame: Shooting in Front of a Window

How to Shoot in Front of a Window by Jordan Brittley Photography THE SETTING: This image was take in the kitchen of Kim’s home! It was about 3.5-4 hours before sunset. I knew that I wanted an illuminated image so I added the blanket to the photo (even more white)! I also asked Larissa (our personal stylist at the shoot) to hold the curtain out and away from the wall. By doing this, the sheer curtain reflected just a little bit of light back onto her face! I knew that this would result in a very clear image even though the background was extremely bright! Because I shot with film, the details in the whites are still visible and the image is still bright!

THE DIRECTION: I asked Kim to stand in front of the window and wrap herself in the blanket. I then asked her to look down her shoulder and pull the blanket close to her face! I love the expression on her face. She is so relaxed and comfortable and the image is COZY!

CAMERA SETTINGS: I exposed the image for the skin! Because she was looking to the right, Larissa held the curtain on the right side!

Camera: Contax 645 Lens: Karl Zeiss 80mm Film Stock: Fuji 400H rated at 200 Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Aperture: f/2.0 ISO: Fuji 400h rated at 200 Shutter speed: 1/60

POST PROCESSING: Thanks to my lab, I only added contrast (+0.10) to this image in Lightroom!

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