Frame by Frame: Shooting at Night with No Flash

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This image was taken at the Little Theatre approximately 30 minutes after the sun had set. Before arriving at the Theatre, I had decided that I would either use a good light source or shoot a lot of grainy black and whites (how lovely for a night at the theatre, right)?! Once I saw that the lights from the theatre lit the sidewalk so well, I was smitten with the idea of illuminated images after dark!


I stood about 5 steps above Larissa and asked her to touch her purse and her hair and tilt her head back. I have worked with Larissa several times before and she rocked the posing (even when it was SO cold outside)! I love styling of the outfit paired with the posing and lighting. Everything just works together.


Camera: Canon 5D Mark iii Lens: Canon 85 L 1.2 ISO: 1250 Kelvin: 3000 Aperture: f/1.4 Shutter speed: 1/160


Exposure: +1.95 Contrast: +100 Blacks: -41 Vibrance: +15 Saturation: -2

Tone Curve Highlights: -31 Tone Curve Lights: -3 Tone Curve Darks: +3 Tone Curve Shadows: -14

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